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Las Llamas: An Archaeological Exploration of the Largest Child Sacrifice in History

Historical-nonfiction published a post in July 2018 about the discovery of the Las Llamas site in Peru. Archaeologists have recovered 269 children between the ages of five and 14 and three adults, all sacrificed in the same manner at the same time. National Geographic recently published a new article about the continuing excavations, with new information and some really good interviews with the archaeologists studying the site.

Worlds Largest Child Sacrifice Found In Peru

The Chimú Empire site of Las Llamas, a windswept bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, witnessed a horrific mass sacrifice 550 years ago. The skeletons of 140 children between the ages of 5 and 14 have been found so far. Footprints reveal how the children were dragged to the site before being ritually slaughtered with knife blows to the sternum. Based on the marks on their skeletons, the children likely had their hearts cut out. About 200 young llamas were also sacrificed at the site, hence the name.

Las Llamas is the only known example of mass child sacrifice in the Americas -- and perhaps in the entire world. Archaeological evidence of severe weather patterns, and flooding, suggest the Chimú were driven to such a drastic sacrifice by the threat of natural disaster and its natural result, starvation.

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