What was this?

This is an ancient Etruscan bronze mirror! Though its not very reflective anymore. Said to be from an Etruscan tomb, 465-450 BCE.

To continue today's sports theme...

There have been three Major League Baseball players with the first name "Aurelio." All three died in car accidents. And they were all within a ten-year age range (44 to 52) when they died!

Hats Used To Be Mandatory for Men

Here's the crowd at a football (soccer) match in 1920, in England. See how many hatless heads you can count!

Sultanahmet Jail was an Ottoman-era jail in Istanbul built between 1918 and 1919. It was the first jailhouse in the capital city, and was intended for those who were awaiting trial or serving brief sentences, but evolved into a prison for writers, journalists, and artists as intellectual dissidents. Today, it is a luxury Four Seasons Hotel.

In German East Africa (Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania) during World War I, soldiers painted this pony to resemble one of the local zebras so it could be tethered in the open without being shot. The Imperial War Museum adds, “Two white ponies behind anxiously await their makeovers.”

Boston's Original 1630 Shoreline, Overlaid With Its Modern Infrastructure

On top of the original shoreline are the city's current roads and metro stations. Which means Massachusetts built land, then put a metro tunnel through that man-made land!

Bronze Age Palace Uncovered By Iraqi Drought

Drought has revealed the remains of a 3,400-year-old palace in the Mosul Dam reservoir, in Iraq's Kurdistan region. The palace, at a site known as Kemune, once stood on an elevated terrace on the eastern banks of the Tigris River. It appears to be from the Mittanni Empire. For those (like me) whose history classes did not mention the Mittanni, it was a Bronze Age, Hurrian-speaking empire, which ruled parts of northern Mesopotamia and Syria in the 1400s and 1300s BCE.

There are a number of notable finds from archaeological examinations of Kemune. Ten cuneiform tablets were uncovered, which have been sent for translation. The palace's mudbrick walls are 6 feet thick and 6 feet high in some places. Suggesting when they were originally built, the walls were even taller and more impressive. There are also traces of rare red and blue wall-paint still detectable. That makes Kemune only the second site in the region where Mittanni wall paintings have been found. Unfortunately, the palace has been overtaken by the dam's water since the archaeological investigation took place. And no emergency archaeological efforts are planned -- just a wait until the next drought.

Fun Fact of the Day

Buzz Aldrin took communion on the moon. Which might make the Holy See of the Catholic Church the first interplanetary corporation?

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