Romans Pronounced "C" Only One Way

And that was hard -- like "k" in English today. So Caesar? Should be pronounced "kaeser." Hence the modern descendents "tzar" and "kaiser." Interestingly, the Roman pronunciation was maintained in English in the name "Octavian" and "Cleopatra." Try saying them out loud!

Can You Name A Flying Dinosaur?

That's a trick question -- because in the scientific classification system "dinosaurs" only live on land, and do not fly or live in the water.

Did you know that Julius Caesar holds the record for most Roman triumphs at four? Almost exactly 15 years earlier, Pompey the Great had held his then-unprecedented third triumph. Caesar surpassed Pompey’s record in opulent style -- he held all four triumphs in one four-day span!

As the FIFA women's world cup comes to an end, here is a map of all countries that have ever qualified for the tournament! Since the women's world cup was first held in 1991 there have been eight tournaments countries could have qualified for. Side note: countries that qualified due to being the host are counted for this map.

Earth During the Last Ice Age

Lake Chad was much larger, Indonesia was a minicontinent, and the Bering Land Bridge was walkable!

A Cool Map Of Languages That Are Secretly Different

Arabic, German, Italian, Chinese, and Thai are five languages that most people think are just one language. But each has dialects sufficiently different to count as a different language. Each of these five "languages" just happen to have, historically, developed into a single unified nation -- and that nation finds it much more convenient, for whatever reason, to claim its citizens all speak the same language.

The exception is Arabic. Thanks to the Islamic conquests, nations that speak derivatives of Arabic find it more convenient to claim they all speak the same language just as they follow the same religion.

Disney's Mulan May Have Been Historically Inaccurate

Historians are unsure whether the Huns, the ones who helped end the Roman Empire, ever invaded China. That's because its unclear if the Huns are the western name for the Xiongnu, a nomadic people from Mongolia who are found in Chinese records, or if the Huns were a nomadic people from central Asia or Iran.

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