Did You Know Neolithic Chinese Farmers Grew Millet as well as Rice?

Prehistoric farmers in what is today China had two main crops: millet in the north, rice in the south, and a vast middle region of mixed farming.

Eat Like An Egyptian

This fun video discusses ancient Egyptian cuisine, dining etiquette, and basically anything related to food and eating!

Yams Were Independently Domesticated In Three Places

Here is a map of average region yam production today. Can you guess the three places where yams were first domesticated?

Answer: South America, West Africa, and Papua New Guinea!

Queen Puabi's Jewelry

She was a Sumerian queen, who died around 2450 BCE, and was buried with pomp at the royal cemetery of Ur. Her name and title are known from the short inscription on one of three cylinder seals found on her person. Although most women’s cylinder seals at the time would have read "wife of ___," this seal made no mention of her husband. Instead, it gave her name and title as queen.

Modern dragonflies have wingspans of between 2 to 5 inches (5 cm to 12 cm). Fossils of dragonfly ancestors show that they had wingspans of up to 2 feet. The example above is 68 cm/26 inches. Modern scientists placed dragonfly larvae in chambers which mimicked the Earth's oxygen levels from 300 million years ago. And just by changing the oxygen levels, scientists were able to grow super-sized dragonflies that are 15% larger than normal.

The direct ancestor of all modern camels, procamelus, lived in western North America and was the size of a rabbit! When the isthmus of Panama formed about 2.7 million years ago the procamelus spread to South America, where its descendants evolved into llama species. When the Bering Land Strait formed about 16,500 years ago, it spread to Eurasia and its descendants evolved into the rest of the surviving camel species.

The earliest depiction of quilting was discovered in Egypt! It was an ivory figurine of a First Dynasty pharaoh wearing quilted clothing, from about 3400 BCE.

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