The Cable That United The World

In one day in 1858, the time it took information to cross the Atlantic went from weeks to seconds. The first transatlantic telegraph line had been laid. And a new era was born.

How The Squid Lost Its Shell

Did you know squid ancestors used to have shells? Well, they did, and it made them very well adapted to living in the ocean. Over time, however, that usefulness became a weakness

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    By Lillian Audette

    This blog is a collection of the interesting, the weird, and sometimes the need-to-know about history, culled from around the internet. It has pictures, it has quotes, it occasionally has my own opinions on things. If you want to know more about anything posted, follow the link at the "source" on the bottom of each post. And if you really like my work, buy me a coffee or become a patron!

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