What was this?

This is an ancient Etruscan bronze mirror! Though its not very reflective anymore. Said to be from an Etruscan tomb, 465-450 BCE.

Hats Used To Be Mandatory for Men

Here's the crowd at a football (soccer) match in 1920, in England. See how many hatless heads you can count!

Sultanahmet Jail was an Ottoman-era jail in Istanbul built between 1918 and 1919. It was the first jailhouse in the capital city, and was intended for those who were awaiting trial or serving brief sentences, but evolved into a prison for writers, journalists, and artists as intellectual dissidents. Today, it is a luxury Four Seasons Hotel.

In German East Africa (Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania) during World War I, soldiers painted this pony to resemble one of the local zebras so it could be tethered in the open without being shot. The Imperial War Museum adds, “Two white ponies behind anxiously await their makeovers.”

Boston's Original 1630 Shoreline, Overlaid With Its Modern Infrastructure

On top of the original shoreline are the city's current roads and metro stations. Which means Massachusetts built land, then put a metro tunnel through that man-made land!

Europe Once Had Giant Ostrichs

These flightless birds were 11 feet tall and weighed nearly half a ton at an estimated 450 kilograms. For context: the ostrich is he largest bird on earth and adult ostriches weigh just 150 kilos (330 lbs).

The Pachystruthio dmanisensis was discovered using a femur bone found in 2018 on the Crimean Peninsula, in the northern Black Sea. Based on other animal remains found in the same cave this particular dmanisensis is estimated to have died between 1.5 and 2 million years ago. It is at the right time to have been around when the first humans migrated to the area!

The US Railroad Boom Was Huge

In 1870, the country had one railroad connecting the Atlantic and Pacific. And its finishing in 1869 was a major national celebration. By 1890, there were six (ish).

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