This painting is entitled "A Formal Garden." Maybe that's how gardens look in Alice's Wonderland, but it doesn't look like the plants and gardens I'm used to seeing. Painted in 1766 by the Dutch painter Johannes Janson.

The Iroquois Confederacy

It is long, but it is good. I promise. The Iroquois Confederacy, or as they called themselves, the Hodenosaunee, were an important pre-Columbian society and government. In fact, their democratic system had strong influence on today's US Constitution. But it was also a family-based system. Which is definitely NOT what today's US government is based on.

The Cascading Mills of Folon and Picon

  The mills of Folon and Picon are a collection of 60 mills located on the slopes of Monte Campo do Couto, in the Spanish municipality of El Rosal, in the autonomous community of Galicia. The mills follow, one after the other down the slopes, all powered by the same water. The mills ground corn and wheat, and processed linen and wool, starting probably in the 1600s. None are still in operation. But they remain preserved, a piece of El Rosal's heritage.     The mills are built in two groups, as you can see in the pictures. The first group are the Folón Mills, 36 mills located on the slope of Folón over a stream which is also called Folón. Really inventive naming here, folks! The second group are the Picon Mills, 24 mills located nearby over the stream also called Picon.

Napoleon the War Criminal

On March 10, 1799, the Ottoman city of Jaffa (in what is today Israel) fell to Napoleon and his French troops. The general ordered his men to slaughter several thousand men in the city’s garrison that had been taken prisoner, mainly Albanians. Napoleon viewed this as justice for the Ottomans killing French messengers sent to Jaffa. Today it would be a war crime.

Archaeologists Confused By Aboriginal Tools

When workers constructing a rail line south of Sydney discovered a trove of Aboriginal artifacts, archaeologists at first were baffled. Many of the stone tools were crafted from flint, which is not native to the area. A subsequent investigation concluded that the flint was actually chemically identical to samples found along the Thames River in London. The flint cobbles were likely loaded onto ships in England for ballast and then discarded in Australia, where they were repurposed by Aboriginal artisans.

How Much Is This Teapot Worth?

A cracked teapot missing its lid recently sold to the Metropolitan Museum in New York City for £460,000. It was bought recently at a British auction for just £15. What??? Turns out, this teapot was made in South Carolina in the late 1700s by John Bartlam, the first American porcelain manufacturer. This piece is only the seventh example of Bartlam porcelain to have been rediscovered. And it is the only known surviving Bartlam teapot. Making it worth a pretty penny!

Kalaw Lagaw Ya, the language spoken by central and western Torres Strait indigenous peoples, was a lingua franca before western colonization. Kalaw Lagaw Ya was the language often used by Papua New Guineans and Australians to communicate when trading or traveling.

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