Neanderthals and other relatives of Homo sapiens had nose shapes that were similar but not quite the same as those of today's humans. This suggests that the human nose has evolved and changed over time.

The Dené–Yeniseian Language Family

The link between the Dené languages of North America and the Yeniseian languages of Siberia as the Dené–Yeniseian language family is the first strongly supported language connection between the old world and the new world. Besides the Eskimo–Aleut languages spoken in far eastern Siberia and North America which have long been understood to be one family.

Get Excited About Palestinian Textiles!

A great short video from the British Museum about exploring a collection of Palestinian textiles, and what they can tell us today.

How the Fortress of Kruševac once looked. This donjon, in Serbia, served as the entrance to a medieval fortified town, the seat of Moravian Serbia (a powerful principality in the late 1300s).

South Korea’s Strange Presidential Saga

South Korea’s democracy began in 1980, although it was immediately taken over by unelected military strongman Chun who eventually got himself “elected” president. (He was the only candidate on the ballot.) But to give him credit, Chun followed the 1981 constitution’s seven-year one-term presidential limit. Thus he sort of counts as the first South Korean president. Which makes Chun the first South Korean ex-president to be convicted.

He was the start of a trend. The four living official ex-presidents of South Korea have all been convicted, imprisoned, and even sentenced to execution. (Chun was sentenced to execution for his takeover in 1981 and his participation in a civilian massacre.) All the executions were commuted.

I can hear you ask, what about the dead ex-presidents? There were three other democratic ex-presidents, who are deceased as of 2021. One was sentenced to death and commuted. One committed suicide while under investigation for bribery. And one, Kim Young-sam (1993-1998) brought in strong anti-corruption attitudes and measures, and was not convicted after his retirement.

Jack of All Trades

During the Edo Period in Japan (1600−1868), firefighters primarily worked as steeplejacks -- people who climb tall structures such as apartment buildings or and steeples in order to carry out repairs. This meant that firefighters got paid when they put out fires, but they also got paid when fires damaged tall buildings and repairs were needed. The result? Multiple known cases of firefighters setting fires to create business for themselves. It was enough of a problem that the shogunate to issue warning ordinances and executed some offending firefighters.

More than 50 wooden coffins have been discovered in more than 20 burial shafts in the Saqqara necropolis by a team of researchers led by archaeologist Zahi Hawass. Many of the brightly painted coffins have been dated to the New Kingdom period, from 1550 to 1070 BCE. The excavations have also recovered games, statues, and masks dating to the New Kingdom period. These recent finds are the first artifacts at Saqqara dated to the New Kingdom period.

Also found was the funerary temple of Queen Neit, near the 4,200-year-old pyramid of her husband, the Old Kingdom pharaoh Teti. He reigned during the Sixth Dynasty, from about 2323 to 2291 BCE, in the Old Kingdom period.

The Takeaway Rembrandt

The famous painter Rembrandt's portrait of Jacob de Gheyn from 1632 is nicknamed the Takeaway Rembrandt because it is quite small and easily stolen. It has in fact been stolen 4 times since 1966! That is the most recorded thefts of a single painting.

Since its independence in 1947, Pakistan has had 22 prime ministers. None have served their full term. All have ended their term early because of assassinations, semi-legal military interventions (or other deposings), or forced resignations.

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