What Happened To The Passenger Pigeon?

What was once the most populous bird in North America -- and maybe the world -- was extinct a century later. What happened?

Excellent Universal Character

When George Washington died in 1799, the British Royal Navy’s Channel Fleet lowered its flags to half mast. The London Courier wrote, “The whole range of history does not present to our view a character upon which we can dwell with such entire and unmixed admiration.”

The title of this post, by the way, comes from something John Adams said about George Washington in 1775.

Where In The World Is California?

In 1927, Paramount Studios had this funny map, detailing which parts of California could substitute for which global locations. It was too expensive to fly around the world to film their movies. So they made California into the world.

Divers have discovered ‘the world’s largest underwater cave’ in Mexico

Archaeologists recently began exploring the Sac Actun cave system on the Yucatan Peninsula. In the course of mapping the 164-mile-long Sac Actun system, they realized it connects to the 51.5-mile-long Dos Ojos system -- which was previously thought to be independent -- making the combined system the largest underwater cave in the world!

This underwater warren, thought by the Maya people to be the entrance to the underworld, is both a natural wonder and an archaeological wonderland. Mayan artifacts are scattered throughout the cave system. Bones and pottery have been found dating back thousands of years.

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