The United Nations passed the "Convention on the Law of the Sea" in 1994 and is now the recognized governing body in all legal matters concerning the world's oceans.

The Mysterious Desert Rat-Kangaroo

The desert rat-kangaroo used to live in southern Australia. Small, shaped like a kangaroo but the size of a rabbit, it was first discovered and described by Europeans in the 1840s. However, after a number of early sightings, there were no sightings for 90 years. The desert rat-kangaroo was considered extinct. Then, in 1931, a thriving colony was found! Unfortunately, they disappeared again after 1935. The species is once again considered extinct. That makes the desert rat-kangaroo the only mammal recorded as going extinct, being re-discovered, then going extinct again.

Miniature Cave Paintings Discovered on a Miniature Indonesian Island

In 2017, archaeologists explored a tiny Indonesian island called Kisar for the first time. They found they were not the first humans to set foot on the 81-square-kilometer (31 square mile) patch. Kisar was covered with cave paintings in at least 28 locations. The art was thousands of years old and, intriguingly, quite small.The expressive images measured 10 centimeters (3.9 in) and included boats, horses, dogs, and human figures holding different items. Their size and style link them to ancient art found on the neighboring island of Timor. The two locations probably shared a closer bond than previously believed, if both are home to similar artwork.

It is unclear when, exactly, Kisar’s miniatures were created. Based on the presence of dogs, the oldest could be 3,500 years old, when new settlers first brought domesticated animals such as dogs to the area. Some of the younger images could have been made about 2,500 years ago, when trade brought metal drums from Vietnam and China to the area, because some of the tiny paintings appear to be people playing similar drums.

The Ocean Is Old. Really Old.

The oceans are nearly as old as the Earth itself. Scientists believe that the oceans contained at least some of their water more than 4 billion years ago.

Modern Sea Monsters

Dolphins, porpoises, and whales are all mammals in the clade called cetaceans, which is from the Greek word meaning “sea monster.”

11,500 Year Old Fishhooks Found In Indonesian Woman's Grave

Deep in a cave on the Indonesian island of Alor lies the roughly 11,500-year-old remains of a high-status woman buried with fishhooks crafted out of seashells. These simple half-moons, about three to four centimeters in radius, are oversized in their importance: they are the oldest known fishhooks used in a human burial.

At its peak in 1637, the Dutch East India Company was valued at US$ 7.9 trillion. That’s adjusted for inflation. US$ 7.9 trillion is the value of the top 20 highest valued companies in the world today -- yes, including Apple and Microsoft.

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