The Mystery of the Chachapoya Disappearance

As the Incas expanded their empire, they forcibly removed rebellious tribes to maintain a region’s stability. The Chachapoyas of northern Peru, known as the Warriors of the Clouds, were thought to have disappeared after Incan conquest and forcible removal in the 1400s. However, a new genetic and linguistic study has revealed that pockets of the population living there today retain genetic links to ancient Chachapoyas. Contrary to historical accounts, the Chachapoyas were apparently able to survive dispersal and assimilation after the Inca conquest.

Famous Families

There are two sets of American father-and-son Medal of Honor Recipients:

  1. Arthur MacArthur Jr., who received his Medal of Honor during the American Civil War, and his son Douglas MacArthur, who got his Medal of Honor during World War II. They were the first father-and-son duo to receive the Medal of Honor
  2. Theodore Roosevelt Jr (the president), who got his Medal of Honor for his bravery during the Spanish-American War, and his son Theodore Roosevelt III, who got his Medal of Honor during World War II.

Bonus Fun Fact: Theodore Roosevelt Jr received his Medal of Honor posthumously, in 2001. So the MacArthurs were the only father-and-son duo for over fifty years!

The Uniquely Beautiful Roofs of Bermuda

Bermuda’s earliest houses had roofs made from palm leaves, but by the late 1600s, the residents began upgrading their roofs to stone shingles. Stone shingle roofs are heavy and resistant to hurricane winds. But flat roofs, the norm everywhere else in the world, are not a good idea in Bermuda. Over the centuries builders learned to cut steps into the roofs to slow down heavy rain so that they could be collected without overwhelming the building’s gutters. The geometric white roofs that Bermuda is famous for are actually extremely practical! Rain water harvesting is critical for survival in Bermuda — there are no fresh water springs or lakes in Bermuda — and until recently, it was the only source of fresh water on the islands. So by law, all Bermudan houses must have underground cisterns which collect rainwater and supply the house with its water.

There May Be A Second Viking Site In Canada

The one you may have heard about, that is pretty widely agreed to be Viking, is L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland. But what I didn't know is there is a second potential colony mentioned in the Icelandic saga of Erik the Red.  Intrepid explorer Thorfinn Karlsefn travels to a land called Hóp, where he finds grapes, plentiful supplies of salmon, barrier sandbars and natives who use animal-hide canoes. But not one has ever found Hóp. Unfortunately, the Icelandic sagas were not big on directions.

Now, an archaeologist is speculating that Hóp is in New Brunswick, south of L'Anse aux Meadows. The only area on the Atlantic seaboard that accommodates all the saga criteria is northeastern New Brunswick, the archaeologist argues, and particularly the Miramichi-Chaleur bay area. Northeastern New Brunswick is the northern limit of grapes. It has plentiful salmon, unlike more southern candidates like Maine or Massachusetts. It has barrier sandbars. And hide canoes were used by the Mi’kmaq people in the Miramichi-Chaleur bay area. Some evidence for Hóp's proposed site also comes from L'Anse aux Meadows, where the remains of butternuts and parts of linden trees have been found -- species which are native only to New Brunswick.

Know Your Enemy

During the Cold War, Russia made such incredibly detailed maps of the Canadian Arctic that other ships still use them today and even prefer them over current Canadian maps.

Did you know that Queen Victoria personally chose Canada’s capital? On December 31st, 1857, she announced her choice was Ottawa.

Nothing Helps You Recover From Earthquakes Like Soccer!

In 1960, a massive earthquake decimated Chile two years before they were to host the World Cup. FIFA planned to relocate the cup, but the Chilean president demanded that the cup be in Chile, as his country had lost everything else.

One Pennsylvania Man Has A Peculiar Idea About What Heaven Is

Sacred to the memory of

Henry Harris

Born June 27, 1821, of Henry Harris

and Jane, His Wife. Died on the 4th

of May, 1837, by the kick of a

Colt in his bowels.

Peaceable and quiet, a friend to his

father and mother, and respected by all

who knew him, and went to the world

where horses do not kick, where sorrow

and weeping is no more.

a gravestone in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Prehistoric Burial Site Found Off The Coast Of Florida

A 7,000-year-old Native American burial site has been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Manasota Key. The Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research investigated the site with magnetometry, sub-bottom profiling, and side-scan sonar, and found peat, wooden stakes, and human remains. At the time of burial, the site is thought to have been a peat-bottomed freshwater pond about nine feet above sea level. The only other known examples of submerged offshore prehistoric burial sites are known to be in Israel and Denmark.

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