Roman Coins And Their Worth

Yes, I am one of those boring history nuts who thinks discussing coinage and its worth across timeperiods is neat. I run a history blog, what did you expect?

Oil Production 1900 - 2000

Did you know the United States was the largest producer of oil for most of the 1900s? Or that the USSR surpassed the US in 1973 to become the world's largest producer? Interesting stuff!

Tamerlane (Timur) and the Timurid Empire

This late-medieval semi-Mongolian empire is not much talked about by Westerners. Sure, you might know the name. But how much do you really know about the empire and its impact on history? This is a good ten-minute video to help everyone sound informed the next time the fall of the Mongolian Empire comes up at a cocktail party. (That was a joke.)

The world’s largest English-language Bible weighs 1,094 pounds. Built by Louis Waynai of Los Angeles between 1928 and 1930, he had to make it one letter at a time using a special printing machine. In the end, the book stands 43.5 inches tall and has a laid open width of 98 inches.

Let's Talk About Botswana's Success

A good video going over the groundwork laid down by Botswana’s first president after its independence, which made the country’s current prosperity and peace possible.

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