An interesting summary of the linguistic history of the Iberian Peninsula! Although this is not entirely accurate -- Mozarabic speakers would say they spoke “Ladino,” for instance, and there were no linguistic census in 1000 CE to check exactly where the borders between languages and dialects were.

Unidentified 500-Year-Old Shipwreck Has Turned Up Perfectly Intact on Bottom of The Baltic Sea

Laying on the muddy floor of the frigid inland Baltic Sea, scientists have found an almost perfectly preserved and intact Renaissance-era shipwreck, undisturbed for hundreds of years. What is really exciting is its state of preservation: it is the oldest well-preserved ship ever found in the Baltic. Its wooden frame, tender boat, and even wooden decorations were saved by the cold, low-oxygen waters of the deep sea.

NASA keeps videos of all the falls astronauts have ever taken on the moon. For scientific study, of course: though gravity is much lower on the moon, astronaut's mass stays the same and therefore inertia, which is a body's resistance to changes in motion and is related to mass, also stays the same. Astronauts are having to adjust to a completely different conditions than they're used to. And it makes the astronauts walk a bit like a one-year-old taking their first steps.

Why Are Iraq's Rivers Dying?

A brief geopolitical history that explains why Iraq's famous two rivers are quickly shrinking. And what that means for Iraq's future.

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