Wyoming's Periodic Spring is well-named. It flows for roughly 15 minutes, then goes dry for 15 minutes, then repeats again. It is the world's largest intermittent spring, or rhythmic spring, or breathing spring. This is likely caused by an oddly-shaped cavern fed by spring water in the rock behind the spring. There's only about 100 known intermittent springs in the world. Another famous one is in Jerusalem! Although it no longer runs intermittently naturally, and a pump is used to imitate it.

Were Medieval (European) Thieves or Assassins Guilds Real?

Historical-nonfiction only asks the real questions. Like did well-organized crime groups exist in medieval Europe?

The hermitage of San Bartolomé, chapel in the Rio dos Lobos Canyon of Spain dating to the 1100s CE, was built by the religious order the Templars in a very specific spot. It's a pretty special location because, among other things, it is exactly the same distance from San Bartolomé to two peninsulas on the eastern and western coasts of the Iberian peninsula.

Humans Have Made Birds Fly In Zero Gravity. For Science.

These simulated zero-gravity experiments were done by the United States Air Force in 1947.

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