Let's Talk About Botswana's Success

A good video going over the groundwork laid down by Botswana’s first president after its independence, which made the country’s current prosperity and peace possible.

A History of Solitaire (the computer game) And Other Technological Innovations

The history of Solitaire, ctrl-alt-delete, comic sans, and easter eggs in video games.

Extremely Well-Preserved Ship From 400 Years Ago Found in Baltic

This particular find is an excellently-preserved example of a type of Dutch ship called a "fluit." These ships, whose earliest versions emerged in the 1500s, were unusual in being purely mercantile vessels. Other ships at the time were designed to switch between serving as cargo ships and war vessels. But the three-masted fluit had a cost-effective design, maximizing cargo capacity and minimizing the number of sailors needed to run the ship. The fluit could therefore carry double the cargo of other ships on similar routes. Though popular between 1500s and 1700s, few fluits survive today, meaning this well-preserved wreck could help teach us more about the ship that helped the Dutch build their international mercantile power.

Diary of a Pyramid Laborer

This is the oldest known papyrus containing text, dating to 2550 BCE. It is the diary of one inspector Merer, basically a logbook, where he recorded the daily activities of stone transportation from the Tura limestone quarry to and from Giza during the 4th Dynasty.

Things English Can’t Do - That Other Languages Can

A fun video about what some other languages have evolved to do. And English did not.

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