Religious Makeup of Germany Today Reflects Former Communist Borders

This is actually unusual! Similarly large and lasting anti-religious effects of Soviet control are seen in only three affected countries: Estonia, East Germany and Czechia.

Flora Thundercloud Funmaker Bearheart, in a studio portrait in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, around 1910. Bearheart was a member of the Ho-Chunk tribe. Today, the estimated 12,000 Ho-Chunk are split between two federally recognized tribes, one in Nebraska, one in Wisconsin.

In Art Deco, Even Toasters Were Fancy!

This is the "sweetheart" toaster, manufactured by Landers, Frary & Clark of Connecticut during the 1920s.

Seven hominin footprints dated to some 120,000 years ago were identified among hundreds of animal prints in northern Saudi Arabia’s Nefud Desert. The footprints were dated using optical stimulated luminescence, a way of measuring how much ionizing radiation an area has been exposed to. It's often used to get the age of sediment, and sometimes fired bricks or pottery. The hominin prints are thought to have been left by two or three modern humans who may have come to what was then a shallow lake along with camels, buffalo, and elephants.

How Did Ancient Egyptians Keep Track Of Their Cows?

With a Sekhmet-shaped cattle band, of course! Cattle brand is in the shape of the lion-headed goddess, Sekhmet, also known as "the destroyer," "lady of life" and the one who protected truth/justice. Perhaps her head was used so the truth of the cow's owner would be protected? Circa 1500 - 1200 BCE. (Brand is from the British Museum, statue is from the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.)

Literal Meanings of Countries' Names

Click through the image gallery to see names' meanings around the world. Some of these names are older than others. For instance, Mexico's name comes from Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. Also, some of these take the English name's meaning, others the local language's meaning. But still -- fun maps!

Inscribed brick in Akkadian from Ešnunna, Iraq which a dog once walked over, leaving behind their paw prints. Circa 2000-1900 BCE.

Alberta Jones was an black attorney, who gained national prominence when she represented Cassius Clay's first professional fighting contract (that's Muhammad Ali now). She participated in the 1963 civil rights marches in Louisville, Kentucky and in the March on Washington on August 28 of that year. She also created an Independent Voter's Association which helped 6,000 African-Americans register to vote. She helped a new city government get elected in 1961, Then she became the first woman, of any race, to be appointed city attorney for Louisville in 1964. The next year she was assassinated at age 35. The FBI matched a fingerprint found inside Jones car to a man who was 17-years-old at the time, but prosecutors decided two years later not to pursue the case, citing deaths of key witnesses who later turned out to be alive. The crime has never been solved.

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