Every evening since 1959, the armed forces of Pakistan and India have performed a joint military ceremony at the Attari-Wagah border. There are is a highly-choreographed set of moves, including high leg raises, kicksteps, and a handshake, before the gates are opened. The flags are folded, two soldiers shake hands, and the gates close again. The event is attended by crowds and occasional celebrity guests. The ceremony is known as “Beating Retreat.” It symbolizes the cooperation and the competition between Pakistan and India.

Trinity College, one of Cambridge University's colleges, has more Nobel laureates than most countries! It has 34 Nobel laureates. Only four countries (the USA, France, Germany, and the UK excluding Trinity College) have more. By the way, of those 34 laureates, none are women.

The Successful Daylighting Of A Once-Covered Stream

The photograph shows Seoul's CheongGyeCheon stream in 1904. There were attempts to cover up the stream during the Japanese occupation of Korea but financial difficulties stopped the plans. After Seoul's rapid post-war growth the little stream was finally covered with concrete over 20 years starting in 1958. It disappeared under an elevated highway. Then in 2003, Seoul's mayor initiated a removal of the highway and a restoration of the stream. The development of Seoul and the neglect of CheongGyeCheon meant it was nearly dry and water had to be pumped in. In addition, two historic bridges were restored, and walkways were built along both sides of the stream. When it opened in 2005, CheonGyeCheon was an instant success with the public -- and developers. Land near the stream is now some of the most expensive in Seoul.

The Unknown Russian War

The Russian Civil War was an ideological conflict between competing groups in Russia from 1918 to 1921. It is most famously a conflict between the “Whites” and the “Reds.” The Reds were Bolshevik Communists, and the Whites were those who opposed them. With over 825,000 combat fatalities and 2 million more war-related casualties, the Russian Civil War is considered the most costly civil war in modern times.

The Surprising Second Marriage of Jackie Kennedy

On October 20th, 1968, Jacqueline Kennedy married long-time friend and Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. The world was astonished: though JFK had been dead 5 years, but Onassis was 62 and Jackie was 39. Robert Kennedy had also just been assassinated four months prior. Perhaps the recent bereavement contributed, though. Jackie had been quoted as saying "If they're killing Kennedys, then my children are targets ... I want to get out of this country." Onassis could provide the security and privacy Jackie wanted for her children and herself.

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