Religious Makeup of Germany Today Reflects Former Communist Borders

This is actually unusual! Similarly large and lasting anti-religious effects of Soviet control are seen in only three affected countries: Estonia, East Germany and Czechia.

Flora Thundercloud Funmaker Bearheart, in a studio portrait in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, around 1910. Bearheart was a member of the Ho-Chunk tribe. Today, the estimated 12,000 Ho-Chunk are split between two federally recognized tribes, one in Nebraska, one in Wisconsin.

In Art Deco, Even Toasters Were Fancy!

This is the "sweetheart" toaster, manufactured by Landers, Frary & Clark of Connecticut during the 1920s.

Let's Talk About Botswana's Success

A good video going over the groundwork laid down by Botswana’s first president after its independence, which made the country’s current prosperity and peace possible.

"Belief in progress doesn’t mean belief in progress that has already occurred. That would not require belief."

Franz Kafka

When Women Weren‘t Persons

In 1928, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that women were not “persons” according to the British North America Act and therefore were ineligible for appointment to the Senate. To overturn this, the Canadian woman in question appealed to the Privy Council of England. At the time it was Canada's highest appeals court. In 1929, the Privy Council ruled that women are, indeed, "persons," opening up the Canadian legislature for women as well as preventing narrow readings of laws that read "person" instead of "citizen" or "human."

A History of Solitaire (the computer game) And Other Technological Innovations

The history of Solitaire, ctrl-alt-delete, comic sans, and easter eggs in video games.

The Olympic Games hosted by Barcelona in 1992 were the first Olympics in three decades not to have a single country boycott participation. It was also notable for:

  • the first integrated team, with non-white athletes, from South Africa
  • the USA “Dream Team,” featuring multiple MBA stars, who took the gold medal
  • being the last occasion that the Summer and Winter Olympics were held in the same year. In 1994, the International Olympic Committee decided to have them on alternating even-numbered years
  • the Basque nationalist group ETA committed multiple terrorist attacks in Barcelona and the Catalonian region in the lead-up to the games, but none during the Olympics themselves

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